California Dreaming

Tomorrow, I head to California to celebrate the wedding of a close friend. In honor of my California trip, I thought I would take a look back on a previous wander in Southern California.

Gratuitous pelican photo

Gratuitous pelican photo

Almost a year ago to the day after a delicious brunch, we took a  saunter down to the Hermosa Beach pier. Having lived in California I usually am not terribly impressed by the beach views. However, that day was different. It was windy so there was clear skies, no smog and a decent break in the surf. There were loads of surfers out and we took some time to enjoy watching the action.

Clear skies in Hermosa Beach

Clear skies in Hermosa Beach

One surfer in particular intrigued me because I noticed that he was paddling out wearing a trucker hat. Who does that? Even great surfers bail out of waves and I was sure that he was going to lose his hat. I managed to capture a great picture of him as he cut under the pier to catch the break.

Tracker hat surfer

Trucker hat surfer

We watched him for a while, but he never did lose his hat.

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  1. Beautiful pictures!


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