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To start with a look back…

I took these photos on March 22, 2012, my 30th birthday. It was an unseasonably warm day for March in NY, with highs in upper 70s. Its so rare that I have a warm birthday, that at the last minute I took the day off and decided to have a NYC beach adventure. I hoped to put my toes in the water, walk on the sand and enjoy a little sun.

When I arrived in Brighton Beach I was disappointed to find that it was shrouded in a thick fog. I thought that I would quickly put my toes in the water since I had come all that way, but as I started to walk on the beach I began to enjoy the magical other worldliness of the fog. It was so thick that when I was at the waterfront, I couldn’t see the boardwalk or any of its landmarks.
Through the gloom, I walked from Brighton Beach to Coney Island and discovered an eerie wonderland in the mist.  Enjoy!
Scuba diver emerging from the water

Scuba diver emerging from the water


Nearly Empty Coney Island Boardwalk

Foggy ferris

Ferris Wheel in the dissipating fog

Beach flags in the fog