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Mmmm, that after rain foresty taste

One of my favorite words is “petrichor” which refers to the scent of rain on dry earth. I love the smell of rain and it takes me back to happy memories of summer camp, playing on the screened in porch and frolicking in puddles.

The smell associated with rain is derived from  geosmin being released into the atmosphere.  Geosmin is a metabolic by-product of certain bacteria which is emitted by wet soil, producing the distinctive scent. So, really what you smell is bacteria byproduct. Pretty cool, huh?

As pleasant as petrichor is, I very much doubt that anything that smells of rain tastes very good.  Starkbucks on the other hand  seems to think that this is great marketing for their Komodo Dragon blend.

Starbucks marketing coffee that smells like petrichor

Starbucks marketing coffee that smells like petrichor

Mmmmmm, taste that bacteria byproduct.